Compete in the first M&A focused case competition in the Nordics and win

DKK 15,ooo

Merging Future Talent

CBS Finance Competition at a Glance

Annual Case Competition

An annual case competition targeting both bachelor and master students at all major Danish universities with an interest in finance

Real-life M&A

Helps university students advance their skills in finance through a real-life case M&A simulation with feedback to all participating teams

Held in week 16-17

An ideal point of time with respect to graduate recruitment for full-time positions and internships

A Unique Network

Facilitates a unique network between the best students and our corporate partners granting the recruiters access to a wider and more diversified talent pool

A Memorable Experience

Provides students with an incredible and memorable experience awaking their general interest in the field

A New Alternative

An alternative to traditional case competitions focusing on providing students with insight into banking and M&A as compared to management consultancy

Case Company


Transaction Services Partner
Private Equity Partner
Investment Banking Partner
Legal Partner

Product Sponsors

Student Organisation Partners  

The Case Set-up

Participating students will be valued on their performance and capabilities in addressing the issues identified in the case in front of the jury. The following will constitute the setting and main focus area in the case in order to resemble the daily work of an investment bank in the best possible way.

The challenge for the students is to pose as a M&A advisor to their client, the case company, on an acquisition of a target, which will be announced at the case launch. The case will address specific needs and challenges for the case company and it will be up to the students to recommend a solution that can address this.

Target Universities



Before it´s too late