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All teams must be of 3 to 4 members. You also have the opportunity to sign up individually. CBS Finance Competition will match you with people who have complementary skills and experiences.

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¶ 1

A team will be disqualified if it violates any of the rules enlisted below. If such incidence occurs, it cannot be revoked.

¶ 2

CBS Finance Competition has the property rights of any material produced during the competition, i.e. photos, videos, presentations.

¶ 3

Late submissions are not allowed and the presentation by the group has to be submitted before Sunday 16.00 CET, September 30 2018. There are not allowed to be any modifications to the Power-Point after hand-in unless the team progresses to the Finale where it will receive additional time to edit their slides.

¶ 4

Presentations have to be submitted in English and using Microsoft PowerPoint .pptx files. The teams are, however, also allowed to use cue cards and / or notes during the presentations.

¶ 5

The slides have to be in widescreen format (16:9).

¶ 6

The presentation can contain no more than 50 slides including both main slides and appendix slides.

¶ 7

The case will describe the evaluation criteria.

¶ 8

If the team reaches the Semi-Finales, then it will be assigned to one of three groups, where it will compete against two other teams in that Semi-Finale.

¶ 9

In the Semi-Finales, each team will present their solution to a panel of judges. The judges will select one team from each Semi-Finale to qualify for the Finale round. The Finale will consist of three teams, where a panel of judges will select the winner of CBS Finance Competition.

¶ 10

In both the Semi-Finales and the Finale, each presentation will consist of a 20-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of Q&A. The Q&A will consist of questions from the jury. Both during the presentation and the Q&A, the teams will be notified when five minutes and one minute remains.

¶ 11

The teams will not be allowed to watch any of the other teams’ presentations during the Semi-Finales.

¶ 12

The Finalists will not be allowed to watch any of the other Finalists’ presentations prior to their own presentation in the Finale.

¶ 13

Participants have to bring their own computers.

¶ 14

Participating teams are allowed to use all Internet resources including the online resources accessible through the CBS Library in order to research and prepare their case solution. In addition, the teams will have access to two financial databases, namely Factset, Mergermarket and Valu8, for the 48 hours that the case solving will take place. Passwords and usernames for these databases will be provided during the case week.