Win 15.000 kr!

The CBS Finance Competition winner will receive 15.000 kr.

Merging Future Talent

Participating students from undergraduate and graduate programs nationwide will be tested thoroughly in their financial as well as strategic abilities when solving a real-life M&A case.

More specifically, students will utilize and advance their skills in corporate finance, financial modelling and strategic thinking.

To guarantee an authentic experience, participating students will have access to two financial databases, FactSet and Mergermarket, in the 48 hours that the case solving will take place. Thereby the case solving will closely resemble the daily work of a corporate finance department by merging theory with practice.

Participating students will be valued on their performance and capabilities in addressing the issues identified in the case in front of the jury.

The case week will terminate with the final where the winning team will be awarded DKK 15,000

Case structure

Case Format

Real Life M&A Simulation

The students will be provided with case material, which will allow them to make a thorough analysis and analyse the specific plausible M&A transaction

Analyze Acquisition Target

Analysis of the target companies based on EBITDA margins, free cash flow analysis and general strategic positioning, including what synergic relationships that could be achieved

Determine Valuation

Determine a free cash flow schedule and a valuation range and assess if this is tactically the optimal offer price

Assess Different Financing Decisions

Identify the best way to finance the acquisition and discuss other co-related issues that the acquiring company has to be aware of

Evaluate Other Alternatives

Evaluate and propose other financial and strategic alternatives



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